What is UNIV HACK?

With the goal of promoting reflections that connect us with our environment, UNIV’s cultural activity is in the format of a Hack. That is an online team-based learning experience to create solutions that respond to challenges related to the theme of UNIV 2022: “Rebuilding together: the strength of human relations”.

The participants, organised in international teams, will learn to use methodologies such as Design Thinking to work on their chosen challenge.

The final work can be both a solution to the challenge they have worked on or a proposal to the world with the ideas they have matured.

All this, encouraging entrepreneurship, innovation and the acquisition of skills and abilities to be agents of transformation in their own environment, in a climate of joy, respect and collaboration.

As the current circumstances in some countries do not allow for travel to Rome, we offer the possibility to participate in the UNIV Hack from the country where you are, connecting online with participants from all over the world. On the virtual platform of the UNIV Hack, there are no geographical barriers: if it is not possible to go to Rome, Rome comes to you.

How can I participate?

Choice of language and work challenge (from 1 January to 28 February 2022)

💬 Choose working language: English or Spanish
💪🏻 Choose the challenge, under the overall theme of UNIV 2022 “Rebuilding Together. The strength of human relations”:

  • Social Networking: building bridges, not walls
  • Trusting others: so different and yet so alike
  • Caring together for the future of humanity and the planet

🌍 The UNIV Hack Team forms international teams – between 6 and 8 people – according to the challenge and working language chosen by the participants.

Learn, be inspired, share

🗒 We will soon have material on this website for research and in-depth study on the proposed theme for the UNIV Hack and on each of the challenges. This allows us to explore, reflect and discover creative ways or proposals to approach the challenges to be solved.

💻 Inspirational days: 3 Webinars on 29 January, 26 February and 19 March 2022 with international speakers to broaden knowledge and perspectives on the main theme and each specific challenge of UNIV Hack 2022. Titles and speakers will be communicated on this website.

Setting up the international task forces

🗓 12 March 2022: Action Day: first online plenary session of all participants. All participants will be connected online and you will receive information, learn Design Thinking tools, and spend some time working with your team. The session will be closed with a sharing session.

👐🏻 Online teamwork: with the support of a Team Leader, each team will work flexibly on the chosen challenge to find solutions, make innovative and creative approaches, share learnings, formulate improvement proposals, etc. The results of the work will be presented in video format (max. 5 minutes).

Face-to-face plenary session

📣 On Holy Wednesday 13 April 2022, the Sharing Day will take place: the face-to-face Plenary Session that concludes UNIV Hack 2022.

🤗 This is the time to meet your team members and participants from all 5 continents in person.

🥇Several works from each challenge and language will be chosen for presentation at the Sharing Day. Both the content and the presentation (videos, posters…) will be taken into account.

Key dates

1 January to 28 February 2022

Inspirational days: 29 January 2022 26 February 2022 19 March 2022

Action Day: 12 March 2022

Sharing Day: 13 April 2022